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アートボード 1_3x-100.jpg

Guest House Aya Kamakura(I-link-u Co., Ltd.)

Proposal of a unique guesthouse pattern and logo mark with samurai who can work for people with disabilities, people of various nationalities and ages, and people who do not.

In order to create a visual that conveys at a glance that various colors and shapes are gathered together to form a place called "Aya," we created a pattern with the motif of the infinitely expanding universe. The symbol mark is a Chinese character called "Aya", which is a collection of stars of various shapes such as circles, stars, and triangles.

アートボード 1_3x-100.jpg
アートボード 2_3x-100.jpg
アートボード 3_3x-100.jpg
アートボード 4_3x-100.jpg
アートボード 5_3x-100.jpg
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