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It is a sister unit that produces miscellaneous goods, plans an eraser stamp workshop, and edits the original ZINE, centering on pattern design with the theme of "Japaneseness".

Three pillars

MinaHomi Design Workshop focuses on three areasIt is working.

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Eraser Hanko Workshop. I carve it, print it, and use it to make goods.

The content of the workshop varies from time to time. It is possible to change the content to the optimum content according to the season and the request at that time. In addition to this sponsorship, we also accept collaborations with companies.



We make various products for each season using the patterns of the four seasons.

Products are sold at shops and minnes . In addition, he participates in events such as Design Festa. We will notify you on our blog , Facebook , and Instagram when new products are released.

We are also working on initiatives such as the Mina Homi Pattern Club , where products are delivered regularly when you register.

パターン 2_3x-100.jpg


We accept work specializing in graphics such as shop logos and event illustrations.

I want to create a new store logo. I want you to use the existing logo as a pattern / eraser stamp! Please feel free to contact us even if it is a trivial matter.

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​Okada Minako

  • Facebookの社会的なアイコン
  • さえずり

Graduated from Musashino Art University, Department of Basic Design

Born June 2nd


After working for a textile maker, while working at a design officeWe continue our design activities centered on workshops using eraser stamps.

"Workshop series made with eraser pattern" Hobby Grand Prize Heart Warming Award

Good Design Award, Graduation Production Excellence Award, etc.

Portfolio site of designer Minako Okada​​



  • Instagram
  • さえずり

Minako's sister

Born June 4th

After working as a DTP operator and graphic designer, he was in charge of the promotion part of Minahomi.

I edit seasonal booklets and videos, and draw illustrations and manga such as "Mozzarella-kun" under the name of Kikori Ganda.

Melt! Mozzarella

LINE stamps are now on sale!

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